What is Lifestyle Travel? Imagine Living Life Exactly How You Want.

Jay Mahoney
3 min readJul 16, 2020

Imagine a world where flexibility is the norm, not the dream. A world where the perfect lifestyle is right at our fingertips. A harmonic balance of work, play, friends, family, and experiences that enhance our quality of our life, every single day.

Imagine truly living the life we want to live: a life where we can be wherever we want, whenever we want, with whomever we want, doing whatever we want, for as short or as long as we want.

Now, stop imagining… and start planning. Because the dream is real.


Dictionary.com calls a lifestyle “a way in which a person or group lives”. Down the digital street at Merriam-Webster, lifestyle is “the typical way of life of an individual, group or culture”. And so, if to travel is to go on a journey — to move from one place to another, then lifestyle travel is simply: a journey to experience living like other people. And what makes lifestyle travel so remarkable? Other people are awesome. And other people live awesome lives. As the saying goes, grass is always greener on the other side. But in our new post-covid-19 world, we won’t have to choose sides, and we will have access to the best of every world.

Lifestyle Travel Today

This is most certainly not the new normal. We are currently living in the “During Covid-19” era. There is a lot we know, and there is a lot we don’t. We have started to see, though, the short-term tourism trends in places that are re-opening safely: we are staying closer to home, and visiting places in our own backyard. Here in Ontario, Canada, cottages and small resorts have been booked by Ontarians at record rates — if you were hoping for a cottage rental this summer but haven’t booked yet, you’re pretty much out of luck. Many are booked up through to November.


But in these unprecedented times our souls need so much more than just a place to stay. Every day, people are doing things we would love to do in places we would love to be. As a matter of fact, that’s often what makes a place so attractive to begin with. Here in Ontario, fishing, canoeing, foraging for wild mushrooms, ATV riding, glass blowing, forest bathing (seriously), rural cycling, goat yoga with therapeutic Nigerian Dwarf Goats (seriously), full-moon stand-up paddle board yoga, making moccasins, birding, rock hounding, and photographing the night sky doesn’t even scratch the surface. And what makes this all so incredible, is that there are people living in your host community who do these extraordinary things on the regular, every single day.

Somewhere between renting a cottage on a lake and venturing out alone into the vast Northern Ontario wilderness to forage for wild mushrooms, is connecting with a community to experience life like the people who live there.

It is in those moments when we are experiencing something new, feeling like we are exactly where we want to be, with the people we want to be with, doing whatever we want to do, that we are truly living the life we want to live.